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Hunting Scene French Wall Tapestry

Hunting Scene French Wall Tapestry

Woven in Brussels in the beginning of the 16th century. It is exhibited at the Cluny Museum in Paris. This tapestry shows one of the favorite pastimes of nobility during the 16th century.
* 100% Cotton
* Woven in France
* Fully Lined & Finished
* Tunnel in Back For Hanging
Woven in France!
Rods & tassels sold separately. View here!
   You Save: 37%
26"W x 19"H
37"W x 27"H
54"W x 37"H (Wool & Cotton)
 ITEM # W-30
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Ships from: Seattle, Washington

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If you are looking for a great new wall tapestry to adorn your home, you've found it! This Hunting Scene French Wall Tapestry is sure to add excitement to any room. While pictures and paintings can dress up an empty space, wall tapestries add depth and uniqueness to a space. So go against the grain! Purchase a woven wall hanging today, and why not make it this Hunting Scene French Wall Tapestry!