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We offer custom woven wall tapestries. We take your image and turn it into a tapestry! Your image can be of almost anything, such as a family crest, a picture you have taken, a digital rendition of a painting or a custom design you have created. You must own the image or be able to have the owner sign a waiver. Each tapestry is finished with a lining and rod pocket unless requested otherwise. Customizations can be made upon request. We work with hotels, interior designers, artists, individuals and more! Click here to see some past orders!

Quick Details:

  • Nearly any size & any quantity
  • Woven in the USA
  • Approx. 3-6 weeks turnaround time
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Custom work begins at $799
  • Woven with dyed threads, never screen printed

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1) Email us at to GET A QUOTE. Include the image and the size & quantity you are interested in.
2) We will reply asap to discuss specifics, such as image resolution, size and price.
3) If you decide to move forward we will email you a link to a custom product page from which you can place your official order.
4) Once payment is received we will begin to process and weave your custom order! Tracking info will be emailed to you upon shipment.

TERMS: Images used for weaving must be high resolution. If the image is legally protected or owned by another party then a waiver must be signed. Shipping rates shown on our site do not always apply to custom orders, as some may be subject to paying actual shipping charges. No coupon codes may be used. There are no returns on custom orders. We reserve the right to decline orders. Images are woven into the tapestry, not screen printed. Thus, very small details may not weave well. Vibrant colors may not weave as vibrantly. Certain colors in the image may not weave into the exact same colors. The actual finished size of your tapestry may vary by up to a few inches in width and/or height. Quotes are valid for 30 days. Placing a custom order with us means that you agree to these terms.

We think the custom tapestries we offer come out looking fantastic, and we feel sure that you will agree! To get a good idea of what to expect, please see our Before & After Pictures of some custom work we have done.

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custom wall tapestry

Quality Tapestries was commissioned by MSVU in Canada to custom weave 18 tapestries for a commemorative wall. Regarding that purchase, the following was stated:

I was very pleased with the service and product I received from Quality Tapestries. I found they were very timely in any correspondence, willing to adapt and make customizations, and very conscious of our tight schedule and deadlines.
- Melanie MacIsaac
Manager, Procurement Services
Mount Saint Vincent University
Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada
- June 2015

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