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  • Summer Quince Wall Tapestry - C-3098
  • Summer Quince Wall Tapestry - C-3098
Made in the USA


This exquisite nature inspired tapestry is a replica of a tapestry woven by famous artist William Morris (1834-1896) who was the forerunner of the British arts and crafts movement. The scene depicts a quince tree during is fruit bearing season.

Lining the top of the tapestry is a poem that reads:
All wrought by the Worm
In the peasant-carle's cott.
On the Mulberry leafage
When summer was hot!

This poem is about using silk for the tapestry that was made by silkworms eating mulberry leaves in a peasant's cottage during the heat of summer.
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Summer Quince Wall Tapestry

  • Woven in the USA
  • 100% Cotton
  • Fully Lined
  • Rod Pocket in Back
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