Tapestry of the Month - July

Here on the Quality Tapestries blog we would like to focus on one special tapestry every month. This feature will be called Tapestry of the Month. We hope this would help put the spotlight on a tapestry that may not have been noticed otherwise since we have such a broad selection of tapestries. The tapestry we've selected for this month is the Libraire De Seine Wall Tapestry.


An incredibly detailed tapestry that is woven in America and comes in the size 53'' W x 37'' H. This tapestry features a quaint scene of a French book store  that is so picturesque it beckons all who peer at it to come inside. The muddy reds accompanied by bright blues and warm beiges is the ideal color combination for any room. If you're looking for a tapestry to hang on the wall of your library then this is the perfect one for you! It can be found under the style "Cityscape". Check it out for yourself!


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