Tapestry of the Month - August 2016

When I was younger my mother was OBSESSED with oriental vases. Big ones, small ones, whatever she could get her hands on without my father making a fuss. To this day they are among her prized possessions. As a child, I did not understand why they were so important, but now that I'm older I see them for the beautiful works of art they have been all along. Hence my choice for the tapestry of the month, Oriental Blue I Vase Jar Wall Tapestry.

 Oriental Blue I Vase Jar Wall Tapestry

38"W x 53"H

The star of this wall tapestry is the wonderfully handcrafted Oriental vase. It features an array of flowers adorned with pretty little birds. The vase itself is depicted in muted tones, however the rich blue background, it stands in front of really adds character. If you love Oriental vases or know someone that does, then this wall tapestry will be a great addition to any decor.

It is woven in the USA and is 100% Cotton. For more info and to purchase one for your home or office click on the picture. Did you know that tapestries are great for covering large spaces and softening noise in any room?

Use the code "TM50" to receive 50% off this tapestry during the month of June.


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