Tapestry of the Month - June 2016

Usually it seems like if you've seen one still life picture you've seen them all, however this one is very different. This month's feature tapestry is the Modern Still Life Abstract Wall Tapestry which takes the normal still life picture and adds a tropical twist on it.

 Modern Still Life Abstract Wall Tapestry

41"W x 53"H

The scene is set with bananas, oranges, and a pineapple posing on a white tablecloth. An open window in the back allows sunlight to fill the room and gives us a glimpse of the majestic palm trees outside. Colored with bright yellows and dark chocolate browns, this tapestry will give every home a nice pop of color. Do not let the abstract scene scare you away from this tapestry it will be a great addition to any home!

It is woven in the USA and is 100% Cotton. For more info and to purchase one for your home or office click on the picture. Did you know that tapestries are great for covering large spaces and softening noise in any room? They are perfect for any decor.

Use the code "TM50" to receive 50% off this tapestry during the month of June.


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