Tapestry of the Month - November

This month's selection for Tapestry of the Month is not your average wall tapestry and it might not be to everyone's taste, however I couldn't resist picking it! Maybe it's the retrophiliac (someone who has a strong liking for things from the past) in me. This tapestry is called Ski Quebec Wall Tapestry.

 Ski Quebec Wall Tapestry

33"W x 53"H

Based on a vintage travel poster from 1948, this wall tapestry features a fashionable woman skiing down a slope in Quebec. She appears to be having a wonderful time achieving what this poster was made for, enticing people to flock to Quebec to enjoy the great skiing it had to offer. Crisp white depicts lush snow and bold blues picture a cool winter day, perfect conditions for excellent skiing. I think this wall tapestry would be an eye catching addition to a living room or perhaps even an office. Make it yours today!

It is woven in the USA and is 100% Cotton. For more info and to purchase one for your home or office click on the picture.

Use the code "TM50" to receive 50% off this tapestry during the month of November.


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