Tapestry of the Month - September

A new month is here and with that a new Tapestry of the month! For this month I have picked Les Parasoles Wall Tapestry .

 Les Parasoles Wall Tapestry

53"W x 38"H

I have always been attracted to all things Parisian and this tapestry is no exception. With its charming European buildings and parasols in the foreground, this tapestry delivers a special allure. Although the overall color scheme is muted, yellow parasols provide a great pop of color. It is based on the painting Les Parasoles Jaunes by George W. Bates who was well known for his French city scenes. This tapestry would be ideal in a living room or even a stylish dorm room!

It is woven in the USA and is 100% Cotton. For more info and to purchase one for your home click on the picture.

Use the code "TM50" to receive 50% off this tapestry during the month of September.


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