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The tapestry is a revival of 1879 piece by William Morris, a renowned English writer, artist, and textile designer and also a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and English Arts and Crafts Movement. Morris called tapestry the “noblest of the weaving arts” and is accredited with reviving traditional forms of textile arts and methods of production from the Middle Ages. This wall tapestry not only makes a beautiful addition to any home but also pays homage to a true textile mastermind, making use of traditional weaving techniques. With an intricate background of thousands of beautiful flowers this tapestry also elegantly displays Morris’s often used "mille-fleurs" motif.
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Tree of Life Ruby Red William Morris Wall Tapestry

  • Woven in the USA
  • Cotton w/ Infused Chenille
  • Rod Pocket in Back
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Price: $319
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