Van Gogh Post-Impressionism Art

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most notable post impressionist artists. Born in 1853, he discovered his talent for painting in his late twenties and varied his paintings between realism and impressionism. Van Gogh tapestry show influences of the two forms of art in his works. Read Entire Van Gogh Tapestry Article

History of a Medieval European Tapestry

The Medieval period is best remembered for Kings, queens and knights. It was an era of chivalry and war. Many great battles were fought in this period that resulted in some of the European nations we know today. Although the Medieval period gave us the monarchy and rich folklore, it is also the period within which great advances in art were made. Amongst these advances was the production of stunning Medieval European tapestry. Read Entire Medieval Tapestry Article

Renaissance Italian Tapestry

Renaissance Italian tapestry designs are based on Italian works done within the Renaissance period. Italy is historically known as the center of Cultural Revolution. The most significant developments and changes occurred during the Renaissance period. This period was marked by intellectual appeal. Great advances were made in the arts, sciences and in medicine. Read Entire Italian Tapestry Article

Popular Gustav Klimt Tapestry Designs

The Gustav Kilmt tapestry is making waves in the world of interior design and tapestry weaving today. The tapestry designs include some of the greatest works of the Austrian symbolist. This artist has become an inspiration for many contemporary artists and designers. His influence is seen in many tapestries by skilled French and Belgian weavers. Read Entire Gustav Klimt Tapestry Article

Large Tapestries With an Ancient Appeal

Many people will be surprised to know that large tapestries have been used for decoration for thousands of years. The art of tapestry is nothing new. In fact it is one of the oldest forms of textile art in existence. Although the art has been used for several millennia to produce decorative wall hangings, little has changed in the basic weaving techniques. Read Entire Large Tapestries Article

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