FAQ for Custom Tapestries

About the Tapestries

Prices vary according to size and a few other factors. Typical prices range from $750 - $2,500 USD. Please request a quote to get your exact price.

Typically they are about 70% cotton & 30% polyester. No wool options are available.

Yes. Unless you request otherwise each tapestry is lined and finished with a rod pocket at the top for hanging. The lining is typically black or tan. Our craftsmen will choose the best color match for your image, unless you specifically request one.

There are some size constraints on individual tapestries due to the widths of the looms. That said, we can weave rather large tapestries. If you request a size larger than the looms can produce we can often suggest creative ways to meet your overall size needs, such as by weaving multiple tapestries that can either be hung side by side, or sewn together to make one overall picture. Please Request a Quote to find out the best options for your needs.

North Carolina, USA.

No. They are machine woven on jacquard looms. Nonetheless, skilled people are involved each step along the way.

No. All images are woven into the tapestries. We do have a few dye sublimation (ink) options available on poly-suede upon request.

Typically anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. If you have a deadline let us know.

Preferably JPEG, however we can work with, and convert if necessary, nearly any file type.

Nearly any high resolution image can be woven. For instance, pictures taken with smart phones can easily be woven. In most cases, a minimum pixel size of 30 pixels per inch is sufficient. (i.e. If you want a 50” x 80” tapestry, the pixel size of 1500 x 2400 is sufficient.) If you are not sure if your image can be woven, just email it to us and we will let you know!

It depends. If there is a copyright on the image, then a waiver must be signed. Older artwork, like Van Gogh’s, are typically now in the Public Domain and thus free of copyright. If you are unsure, just ask us!

To see how colors translate, we encourage you to look through our custom photo gallery. As you do, note how colors and details translate. You will find that vibrant colors may not weave as vibrantly. Also, some colors from the supplied image may not weave into the exact same colors. Additionally, the actual finished size of your tapestry may vary by up to a few inches in width and/or height. These aspects are simply the nature of the unique process of weaving. It is best to keep an open mind as to what the finished product will look like and be excited about the translation of your image into a woven tapestry.

Here are a few tips: Use contrasting colors, especially for colors/sections that will be side-by-side. Do not use gradient (or slowing transitioning) colors. Do not use overly vivid colors (see question above). If there will be text, do not use thin or small fonts. Do not use copyrighted material unless a waiver can be signed.

For larger orders we can usually weave a sample of your tapestry before the full purchase. For smaller orders we can send a sample scrap of an existing tapestry for you to get an idea of the quality of our tapestries.

Typically, yes. Hundreds of tapestries can be woven in a matter of weeks. We work with hotels, restaurants, interior designers and more.

No. If this is required (i.e. for a hotel) you can add a commercial fire-retardant spray to bring it up to code.

Sometimes. Just ask us and we'll let you know if it can be done!

About Shipping

Yes. We have done custom tapestries for people and businesses in many countries.

Small custom orders in the USA will ship for free. Large orders and international orders may be subject to actual shipping costs. Please inquire for a quote.

Typically within 2-6 weeks. Large orders may require a few additional weeks. Let us know if you have a deadline and we will work to meet it.

We ship via FedEx unless requested otherwise.

Yes. Once your order ships we will email a tracking number.

Most likely. If so, and how much is not up to us, but up to each country. We will put the true value you paid for the goods on the Commercial Invoice.


Only orders shipped to consumers in California will pay sales tax. (8.5% as of 2022)

Custom orders are not returnable. Thus, our normal return policy is void for custom orders.

No. Rods and tassels are sold separately.

Once mounted on a wall, your tapestry should require very little maintenance. Vacuum your tapestry once or twice a year with your vacuum cleaner's upholstery attachment to remove dust.