Renaissance Italian Tapestry

Renaissance Italian Tapestry

Tapestry is an ancient art in Europe. Tapestries were used in the medieval ages to decorate castles, churches and homes of wealthy families. The production of tapestries was by hand weaving and it was a tedious process. Weaving of simple tapestry designs required the skills of a highly experienced tapestry weaver. These decorations were therefore very expensive and remained a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Advances in technology have allowed for the mass production of tapestries as well as for the reproduction of intricate designs and popular works of art as tapestry designs. Italian tapestry making is also an ancient art in Italy. These tapestries are becoming more readily available thanks to advances in technology and are now quite popular.

Italian tapestry is appreciated for its charming appeal. The tapestry represents the very essence of Italian culture. Italian tapestry will add an element of sophistication and elegance into your home or office. While choosing Italian tapestries, it is important to note that there are two man forms of Italian tapestry designs. These are the renaissance and the religious tapestries. There are also more modern tapestries that represent Italian culture. However, many of these fall into the Religious category.

Renaissance Italian wall tapestry designs are based on Italian works done within the Renaissance period. Italy is historically known as the center of Cultural Revolution. The most significant developments and changes occurred during the Renaissance period. This period was marked by intellectual appeal. Great advances were made in the arts, sciences and in medicine. Various craftsmen and artists of the period were inspired and applied innovative and fresh ideas to improve on what was already in existence.

Works of art from this era are marked with intelligence, innovation and creativity. Many of the concepts used in the paintings and sketches of the day are completely new and different from past works of art. Many of the artists of the time did their best to represent reality as it seemed to them. This meant creating their unique styles. One of the most notable Italian artists of the time was Raphael. He was one of the greatest painters of his time. He even established a renaissance school for the arts, school of ancient Roman art. There are several tapestry designs based on his works. However, these tapestries are quite rare and not easy to get outside Italy.

Italian tapestry is the right décor to add an element of charm and sophistication to your home.