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We Sell Wine Tapestries!

Wine tapestries are just lovely and can add so much to a room. A beautiful cotton wine tapestry is hard to resist. Below you will find a brief presentation of just some of the wine tapestries we carry.

date to remember tuscan still life tapestry still life wine tapestry

Above you will find a lovely wine bottle tapestry with the Eiffel Tower of Paris, France in the background. The wine tapestry on the left featuring a white wine, and the wine tapestry on the far right featuring a red wine. Then the middle three wine tapestries above have more of an Italian wine tapestry feel to them, as well as a vintage touch. The very middle piece is a Tuscan wine tapestry still life, and it comes in two sizes! Wine tapestries are just so lovely as is the taste of a vineyard tapestry, the likes of which we also carry! Who doesn't fall in love with a wine bottle tapestry? Beautiful cotton woven textiles to hang on the wall are art in the superior form.

vermouth bianco tapestry asti cinzano tapestry cognac monnet tapestry

Or how about these vintage poster style wine tapestries featured just above? Aren't they just adorable! Talk about adding a vintage wine tapestry touch to the room! The first wall tapestry showcases a Vermouth Bianco wine. The second wall hanging tapestry features both red and white wine grapes in larger than life wine glasses, carried by two waiters. The third was originally a vintage wine poster by Leonetto Cappiello created c. 1910, entitled Asti Cinzano. A truly dazzling wine tapestry. The fourth is just stunning in color alone, and whimsically showcases a finely dressed waiter rocketing off with the cork of a bottle of champagne in this beautiful piece called Champagne Vicomte De Moulliac. Lastly above, we have a beautiful wall tapestry that says: '..du soleil dans un verre.. Cognac Monnet.'

whimsical italian chef tapestry

Then we have this lovely Italian wine tapestry pictured above! It is colorful, fun, and perfect for the home/room needing some spicing up! Is it possible to look at this wine tapestry and not smile? Talk about a wonderful conversation piece! This lovely wine tapstry shows an Italian Chef cooking with some red bell peppers, ripe tomatoes, garlic, and some red wine. Perfect for a restaurant as well.

pinot tapestry abstract wine tapestry

Why Not Buy a Wine Tapestry Today?

These last four wine tapestries that we are showcasing above are abstract and contemporary in nature. Most people are drawn to an abstract wine tapestry or a contemporary wine tapestry. And these are not all that we have by any means! Click the link below to see all of our wine tapestries! Thanks so much for looking, and remember, wall tapestries aren't just beautiful, they are sensible! Light in weight and not rigid in size, as they can roll up, tapestries are the perfect piece of art. They won't break and they are easy to move! And if a wine tapestry isn't up your ally, just use the navigation bar on the left to search through over 20 categories of over 1,000 different styles! We also have blankets and throws. Enjoy!


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