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We Sell Abstract Tapestries!

Abstract tapestries and abstract art in general have had a very wide appeal for centuries. Dating back to the Middle Ages, mans creations of art have been laced with abstract styles and features. Here at Quality Tapestries you will find a wide variety of abstract tapestries, which are so often contemporary and modern in style, and fit for any room of the house! Why not add an abstract tapestry to your wall? You will find abstract floral tapestries as well as abstract European tapestries.

Tournee Du Chat Noir Wall Tapestry 



Everyone Loves an Abstract Tapestry

Everybody loves an abstract tapestry! Also, you will no doubt fall in love with one of the many abstract wine tapestries that we carry. In addition, we also sell woven tapestry renditions of some famous abstract paintings and works of art by renowned artists! For example, find a Van Gogh tapestry such as 'Starry Night.' Or how about a Gustav Klimt tapestry that carries the perfect essence of the very word 'Abstract!' Can you tell that we have a lovely variety for anyone searching for an

Gustav Klimt Stoclet Frieze Tree of Life Wall Tapestry



Styles of Contemporary Tapestries

Contemporary tapestries are nearly synonymous with abstract tapestries. If you are searching for a cotton woven contemporary tapestry we also have Don Li-Leger tapestries which are... well, just dazzling! If anyone could make a painting that could be rendered as a beautiful abstract tapestry it would be Don Li-Leger! Whatever style you are looking for, be it abstract in nature, or otherwise, you are sure to find just the right wall tapestry right here in our store! And these abstract tapestries and everything you find on this site are made in the USA, woven with the highest of quality!

orchestration wall tapestry

Modern Tapestries

Or how about this masterpiece shown above! Originally a beautiful painting by Mr. Don Li-Leger himself, we had this work of art translated into a most beautiful woven cotton abstract wall tapestry! It is 88 inches wide and 53 inches tall!! But if that is too large it also comes in a smaller size in our store as well. This contemporary tapestry has proven to be a customer favorite. Why not add this wall tapestry to your home decor?

 Abstract Tandem Bicycle Wall TapestryGustav Klimt Adele Bloch Bauer I Wall Tapestry

Why Not Purchase an Abstract Tapestry Today?

Also, the nice thing about having a wall tapestry, is that, unlike almost any other kind of art, it is unbreakable! And an abstract tapestry is an awesome addition to any home. What other masterpiece could you drop off a three story building and it still be ok? (Don't get any crazy ideas though!) The point is simple... tapestries are beautiful, light in weight, and unbreakable! We know most people are nomads, so when you move homes again in a few years, your wall hanging tapestry won't have to be one of the items you bubble wrap! And, if you are not particularly big on abstract tapestries, we have many other a wall tapestry to choose from. Just use the navigation bar on your left to search through our map tapestries, or African tapestries, or how about our flower tapestries and botanical tapestries. Also, we have lovely music tapestries and awesome contemporary tapestries. Also, you'll find we carry animal tapestries. And in almost any style you can find large tapestries in case a small one just won't do.


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