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Up to 1,500 sq inches$499
1,501-2,500 sq inches$749
2,501-3,500 sq inches$999
3,501-5,000 sq inches$1499
5,001-6,500 sq inches$1999
6,501-8,000 sq inches$2499
8,001-10,000 sq inches$2999
10,001-12,500 sq inches$3999

Prices are based on the square inches of the tapestry. For instance, if you want a
tapestry that is 60" x 75", that would make it 4,500 square inches, making your price $1499.

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Minden, Ontario, Canada

Mary Anne Barkhouse

Belfast, Maine

Heather Frederick

Laramie, Wyoming

Wendy Bredehoft

San Jose, California

Norma Fries

Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada

Mount Saint Vincent University

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