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Medieval tapestries are just fantastic. Centuries old in style, a medieval tapestry can bring the warmest nostalgic feelings to the mind. Bring your home to life with the wonderful decor of a medieval wall tapestry! Why not get a lovely European medieval tapestry? You will also find that some of these old world medieval wall tapestries come in wool. Click here to view medieval WOOL tapestries!

harmony tapestry vendanges tapestry lady of shalott tapestry hunt of maximilian tapestry


Above you find a nice selection of four medieval tapestries, featuring various scenes from the middle ages. The first wall tapestry pictured above was inspired by the baroque textile craftsman of Flemish decent in the 17th and 18th century and is set in a European wooded scene with silkily clad musically inclined frolickers enjoying a lazy afternoon. The second medieval tapestry above was created originally in 1520 in the Southern Netherlands. The original was woven with wool and silk. The third medieval wall hanging tapestry above is the lovely old world scene of the Lady of Shalott. And lastly, above, you see the famous Maximillian I the emperor of the Burgundian Netherlands from 1477. This medieval scene depicts the month of April, the beginning of hawking season.

unicorn dips his horn tapestry

The lovely set of three medieval tapestries that you see above are part of a series, known as the 'Lady and the Unicorn tapestries'. The original Lady and the Unicorn tapestries were woven in Flanders, Belgium of wool and silk, from designs drawn in Paris in the late fifteenth century. They are often considered some of the greatest works of art of the Middle Ages in Europe. A nice variety of colors are available, as you see we have this medieval tapestry in emerald green, indigo blue, and scarlet red! There are two styles in each color. Click here to view all 6 Lady and the Unicorn medieval tapestries!

The Bayeux Tapestry

bayeux tapestry

Pictured above you see the very famous medieval wall tapestry known as the Bayeux Invasion of England tapestry. It is 76" wide, 27" tall, and 100% cotton as we weave it! The original Bayeux Tapestry was a series of embroidered linen strips that depict the pictorial history of the invasion of England by William of Normandy. The original Bayeux Tapestry is nearly 1,000 years old and was 230 feet long!

Why Not Buy a Medieval Tapestry Today?

The last two medieval wall hangings you see here are just as awesome as well. The first you see is known as Unicorn Dips His Horns. The original medieval tapestry version was woven in the Southern Netherlands between 1495 and 1505. Then next to it you see the Nova Terarum Orbis Vintage Old World Map Tapestry. A classic! Tapestries are superb to decorate your home with. Why? Because they are light weight, won't break, and can change looks slightly with each viewing angle, due to the weave. Why not add an old world style medieval tapestry to your home this week? Or if you are not particularly big on the art style of the middle ages, we carry so many other styles of wall tapestries as well! Just use the navigation bar on the left to search through many other styles besides the old world tapestries! Thanks so much for the visit!

More About a Medieval Tapestry

The medieval era, which is the period that runs from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Italian Renaissance, is one which was rife with history especially when it comes to art. This period saw the blossoming of various art forms which later continued to grow to a point of perfection in the renaissance period. It was at this point that art forms embraced movements such as Christianity. Medieval art though simple is quite popular and makes very good décor. One of the ways that this art can be brought alive in your home or office is by the use of medieval tapestry.

Medieval Tapestries Summation

Medieval tapestries depict the medieval period in a very artistic and graceful manner. The main highlight of these tapestries lies in their simplicity which brings out an essence of beauty and unique artistic presentation. The medieval tapestries are based on medieval art which mainly emerged from the blending of Roman art and German art that occurred during the turmoil of the middle Ages. The art in these tapestries therefore contains numerous recurring themes seen in the works of the middle Ages which include mythical beasts, sense and perception, glory and the celebration of great dynasties. Tapestries portray this medieval art with a sense of depth and texture and this is what makes them so popular even with home décor enthusiasts.


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