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We Sell Floral Tapestries!

Floral tapestries are just beautiful! The presence of a nice floral tapestry in a room can brighten ones day. And we have quite the selection of flower tapestries! Over 200 in fact! Below you will find just a sample of some of the floral tapestries we carry, all 100% cotton and woven in the USA!

blooming lily tapestry flower bouquet tapestry sunflowers tapestry floral bouquet tapestry


Styles can vary so much from one floral tapestry to another. You might find an abstract flower tapestry or contemporary floral tapestry, or one with a very modern look. Then too, you'll find many traditional floral tapestries. Some with flower bouquets, or some with gardens, or even fields of flowers! And the colors are just so beautiful in each flower tapestry!

contemporary flower tapestry abstract flower tapestry tuscan floral tapestry fields of gold tapestry

Everyone Loves a Floral Tapestry

The first tapestry you find above here is a modern floral tapestry. The simplicity of just a few colors and an artist imagination make this an awesome piece to admire. The next one is pleasant as well. An abstract flower tapestry with a scene looking out a window with flowers in the foreground. The third is simple and almost Tuscan in feel. The fourth floral tapestry above features beautiful sunflowers on a European hillside!

magnolia tapestry

This tapestry above we have featured because of it's strikingly beautiful colors of crimson and white. Make a statement in your home with this magnolia wall hanging. The stark white magnolias and green leaves just pop out from the stunning crimson background. Why not bring this beautiful piece of art into your home this week? Wall hanging tapestries are just so enjoyable!

narrow flower tapestry don li-leger tapestry bayeaux invasion tapestry li-leger wall tapestry li-leger wall hanging

Just above, we have a selection of five of artist Don Li-Leger's works of art turned tapestry! He has such a remarkable way of expressing art, and it is just as beautiful as a wall tapestry! Click Here to view all of our Don Li-Leger tapestries!

abstract floral tapestry rose wall tapestry Fleurs du Rouges tapestry bouquet of flowers tapestry

Why Not Buy a Flower Tapestry Today?

Adding a woven cotton flower tapestry or wall hanging of any kind is just the perfect addition to the home. Tapestries are so reasonable because the are inexpensive compared to most art. They are light in weight, so not a hassle to move. Tapestries also, due to being woven cotton, are not rigid like a picture or painting. If you ever need to move your flower tapestry, simply roll it up and move it! And if you are looking for something other than a flower tapestry, just use the navigation bar on the left to roam through different categories of wall hangings. We have something for everybody. We have Oriental tapestries, African tapestries, medieval tapestries and old world tapestries. European tapestries also seem to be a favorite... who doesn't enjoy Europe after all? Also we have some lovely music tapestries, and a good variety of wine tapestries and much more! Take a few minutes and search around, enjoy yourself!


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