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We Sell Map Tapestries!

Map tapestries are just the perfect addition to so many home decors. The presence of a vintage map tapestry or old world map tapestry in a home or office is very nostalgic and gives the viewer a warm feeling.

antique map tapestry

old world map tapestry

vintage map tapestry

vintage antique map tapestry

Brown 45"x35"

Blue 45"x35"Brown 67"x53"Blue 67"x53"

If you are not completely in love with one of the map tapestries above, we also have some that look even more antique. So if you do want a map tapestry, how about one of these below. They come in a good range of sizes, so if you have a large space or a small wall space to fill, we'll no doubt have just the right map tapestry for you!

old world tapestries

antique map tapestries

vintage wall tapestry

Everyone Loves an Old World Map Tapestry

Being woven of 100% cotton in the USA, each old world map tapestry is very high quality, fully lined, and has a rod pocket in the back for ease of hanging on your wall! Also, if you love Europe, you'll surely enjoy one of these European map tapestries shown below, along with the tropical flavor of the one on the far right!

italian wine country tapestry

french wine country tapestry

paris map tapestryold world wall tapestry

Or how about Africa? We have some awesome African map tapestries, one featuring an elephant, one featuring a zebra, and the other is just amazing with the shape of Africa woven out of animal skin patterns! Then too we have another awesome vintage tropical wall tapestry with palm trees!

african map tapestry

map of africa tapestry

elephant tapestryvintage tropical map tapestry

Why Not Buy a Map Tapestry Today?

The nice thing about a map tapestry is this: it won't break, it is light weight. It's not a hassle to move. Large wall pictures or paintings are lovely, but can be a pain to move and transport. A wall tapestry can roll up and take up very little space if you need to move it. Why not add a map tapestry to your home this week? But here at Quality Tapestries, we don't just carry map tapestries though. We also have abstract tapestries, coastal tapestries, European tapestries and much more! Just use the column on the left to search through our different categories of wall tapestries. An awesome Medieval tapestry is sure to liven any room. Or how about a lovely still life tapestry or oriental tapestry. All fantastic options to complement your personal own home decor. Don't forget, we also have rods and tassels too. Not to mention, a selection of cotton blankets and throws as well. So enjoy your look around!


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