Popular Gustav Klimt Tapestry Designs

Popular Gustav Klimt Tapestry Designs

The Gustav Klimt tapestry is making waves in the world of interior design and tapestry weaving today. The tapestry designs include some of the greatest works of the Austrian symbolist. This artist has become an inspiration for many contemporary artists and designers. His influence is seen in many tapestries by skilled French and Belgian weavers.

The most popular Gustav Klimt tapestry is the reproduction of ‘The Kiss’. This romantic piece featuring a woman and man in a passionate embrace is a popular piece that is recognizable as a trademark of the artist. The ‘Kiss’ was completed between 1907 and 1908. It is one of the paintings done after Gustav began to apply the gold leaf technique to his paintings. ‘The Kiss’ incorporates a lot of elegant gold colors as well as green, yellow and red in the original piece. However, you will find that many tapestry designs inspired by this painting have various color scheme variations. Parts of the painting have also been reproduced individually. You will find a tapestry that shows only the faces of the two figures in the painting.

Another popular painting that has been reproduced as a Gustav Klimt tapestry is the ‘Tree of Life Tapestry’. This should not be confused for the popular Celtic Tree of Life. Gustav’s ‘Tree of Life’ is incorporates gold colors just as was his trademark as well as spirals. This symbolic tapestry is a popular European tapestry and goes for about $80.

Although Gustav Klimt worked on several landscape scenes and nature paintings, his primary interest was the human form. Most of his paintings were of people. However, one of the recurrent themes in his paintings is that of the dominant woman. He was particularly fascinated by the female form and included it in most of his paintings. There are several examples of Gustav Klimt paintings that show this, most notably Jurisprudence and the Danae.

Mother and Child is also a popular contemporary tapestry Klimt. However the tapestry is derived from a different piece by the artist known as Three Ages of Women. There are several other paintings by Gustav Klimt that have been reproduced as tapestries. These include the Apple Tree, the Embrace, Water snakes and Fulfillment.

Gustav Klimt tapestries are an elegant addition to any room. They will inspire you as an owner every time you look at them. The tapestries are so diverse that you are bound to find something that suits your preferences.