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We Sell Large Tapestries!

large tapestry

Large tapestries are just so amazing and are the perfect pieces of art to liven up a home. All of the wall tapestries that we offer are woven either in North Carolina or in Europe! Here you can adore a wall tapestry featuring the Amalfi coast in Italy.

This tapestry featuring an ivy covered pergola along the Amalfi coast comes in three large sizes:
78"W x 53"H / 100"W x 67"H / 120"W x 80"H

Everyone Loves a Big Tapestry

Large wall hangings beauty and staple in art can be seen throughout many centuries. Large wall hangings have been used to adorn castles for hundreds of years. Now, due to modern day technology and modern looms, these wonderful cotton woven tapestries are affordable for most anybody. There are so many styles of textiles to choose from too! Whether you prefer something contemporary, or something more traditional or even medieval, we'll have something for you and your home.

large tapestry

84"W x 53"H

With this large tapestry shown above, you can enjoy the modern artwork of artist Don Li-Leger in this piece that is nearly eight feel wide! Keep in mind though that if you need a small wall tapestry we have those too.

harmony tapestry

71"W x 53"H

Directly above you can reminisce with the beauty of this large wall tapestry that has a scene that dates back to the 17th or 18th century. Inspired by the baroque textile craftsman of Flemish decent, this artwork is set in a European wooded scene with silkily clad musical people enjoying a lazy afternoon.

large tree of life tapestry

53"W x 77"H

This large tapestry shown above is one of the six William Morris tapestries of the tree of life that we sell. It is commonly a favorite tapestry as it is so attractive to the eye and goes so well in the home with most an decor. It is available in 3 colors, each in 2 sizes!

wide tapestry


We have a brand new line of European woven tapestries, many of which are very large in size! They have been woven in France, Italy and Belgium, and then lined and rock pocketed here in the USA. They are all woven with wool also! Enjoy your look through them!

orchestration wall tapestry

88"W x 53"H

Here above is another one of our Don Li-Leger tapestries that we have for sell. His contemporary and abstract style is also so very popular in this modern world.

More on Large Tapestries

Those large tapestries are not all of the selection that we carry though! We have so much more to offer! Below are just a few more of the large tapestries, but if you haven't found the right style yet for your home or office, keep searching. In fact use the search box in the upper right if you need something specific!

great wave tapestry large European tapestrylarge map tapestry

Why Not Buy a Large Tapestry Today?

The touch of a large tapestry to the home is just so awesome and we hope that you can find the right wall hanging for your home here. We do have such a big selection of woven tapestries that we feel confident you can find the right tapestry for you home. And so we ask, Why not buy a large tapestry today?


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